Composting Resources

Other Ways to Compost at Home:


Build your own compost box or buy a compost bin at a local garden center. For ideas and easy instruction on how to build your own compost structure or purchase a compost bin check out


A worm bin might sound gross, but it gets the job done! These are bins full of hard-working worms that make composting easy by breaking up and processing the material. Worms also turn and aerate the compost, which actually keeps the stink down (who knew?) Have fun with it. Make it a science experiment for your family and show your kids how it’s done.

For details on how to build worm bins, read the DEC’s indoor composting pamphlet.

Living in an apartment but want to compost? 

Here are some options:

  • Find a friend or relative in the area who has a yard and would be willing to accept your compost into their yard or even start composting with you.
  • Speak with your apartment manager/land lord about starting a compost pile for the entire building/complex.
  • Check out curbside and drop off composting services
  • Purchase a Bokashi system or something similar, an air tight composting bin that comes with some starter that can be kept indoors. Will need to eventually be emptied in an outdoor space. This type of system typically costs between $30 and $55.
  • Create a vermicompost, or worm compost, bin to keep in your house/on a balcony. Feeding vegetable scraps to worms that live in a small bin that can be kept on a table top.