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Backyard Compost Bin Sale-

Our backyard compost bin sale is closed for 2023. We will have another sale in 2024. Please click "notify me" below and sign up for our special collections email list to stay up to date on future sales.

Backyard Composting

It’s easy to recycle organic materials such as yard clippings and kitchen scraps—and the benefits are huge. The best way to divert organics from your waste stream is to compost in your backyard!

If you’re already a backyard composter than you’re probably already making good use of any extra food waste and know the amazing benefits of composting.

If you aren’t a composter here are some reasons that you might want to start:

  • It’s easy!
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that more food waste reaches landfills than any other single material in our everyday trash!
  • Composting your food waste is one of the easiest ways to have a positive environmental impact and has the potential to divert 20% or more of your everyday trash. This saves space in landfills and reduces emissions.
  • You’ll save money. Less waste can cut down your trash bill.
  • Compost increases soil health, creating stronger healthier plants, reducing their susceptibility to disease, and reducing the need for pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  • It has a positive impact on our environment. You’ll cut back on your carbon footprint due to a reduction in waste and resource consumption like water and fuel.

Curbside & Drop Off Composting Services

Interested in diverting food waste and other organics from the landfill, but don't have the space or don't want to compost at home?  Click here for a directory of curbside & drop off services. Please contact the service directly for information about the area serviced and the type of service offered. Many of these services are expanding so check back frequently. Did we miss a service? Let us know!

Yard Waste

  • Did you know yard waste is banned from disposal in landfills? The best way to manage your yard waste is by composting it in your backyard.
  • Aren't able to manage your yard waste at home? Most municipal transfer stations accept yard waste—usually from residents only. They often grind it up and offer it back to residents who want mulch or compost. This can also make a great additive to your backyard compost bin to help keep the right balance of browns and greens.
  • Find out where you can dispose of yard waste.