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Jan 26

Commit (or Recommit) to Reusables

Posted on January 26, 2023 at 2:22 PM by Kaitlynn McCumiskey

Reusables finalAnother intention you can set for the new year is to commit to using reusable items instead of single-use disposable items. With a little bit of planning and preparation you can easily incorporate reusable items into your daily routine. You can have a significant impact by cutting your use of single-use items, such as coffee cups, straws, water bottles, coffee pods, and plastic zip top bags.

One great place to start is with your morning coffee routine. Instead of using disposable coffee pods, which are too small to be recycled in Ontario County, can you try one of these other options for making coffee?

  1. Reusable coffee pods- use a reusable coffee pod instead of a disposable one. You can fill it with any ground coffee of your choice. Disposable coffee pods can be pricier than regular coffee, so this option can quickly help to save you money too.
  2. Pour-over- pour-over coffee can be made quickly and easily at home or in the office. The only special equipment you will need is a pour-over cone, regular coffee filters, and hot water.
  3. French-press- a French press is another great option for making coffee at home or in the office. You place the coffee grounds in the carafe, top off with hot water, wait a few minutes, and then press down the built-in filter.
  4. Traditional drip coffee pot- don’t hesitate to dust off that traditional drip coffee pot in the back of the cupboard or pantry. Their ease of use makes them a classic for a reason. The most environmentally conscious choice is always to use something that you already have, instead of buying new.

Don’t forget to compost your coffee grounds and bring your reusable mug if you are grabbing a coffee on the go!