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Dec 29

Sustainable Holiday Series: Post-holiday Organization

Posted on December 29, 2022 at 9:31 AM by Kaitlynn McCumiskey

Organization finalMany people choose this time of year to reorganize and get rid of items that they no longer want or need. This is another opportunity to build a holiday tradition. You might find that something on your holiday wish list was hiding in the back of your closet or could be passed from one family member to another. Once you’re done organizing, don’t trash your items. See if there is a way to give them a second life.

  • Donate- clothing, shoes, toys, books, games, and many other items can be donated. Many local organizations accept donations to support people in need- making you feel good about helping others. All items for donation should be in good condition.
  • Regift- did you receive a gift that you don’t want or need? Consider if there is someone else who would appreciate this gift more and consider passing it on. You can always tuck it away for next season, just make sure to note who gave it to you and gift it to someone outside that circle to avoid any hurt feelings.
  • Recycle- Inevitably there will be items that are not suitable for donation. Make sure you are not contaminating your household recycling with items that shouldn’t be there. There are special collection programs for electronics, batteries, scrap metal, and appliances. Check with your local municipality or local hauler for what services they offer. You can also visit for more information about special collection programs and what to do with those hard to dispose of items.