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2022 Department Impact Flyer

Department Impact Flyer

Electronics Recycling Info for Transfer Stations

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NYS Food Donation and Recycling Info for Designated Food Scrap Generators

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2022 Waste Characterization Study

Waste Characterization Study

Program Assessment & Consolidation Study

Program Assessment & Consolidation Study

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan- Executive Summary

Strategic Plan - Community Survey Summary

Strategic Plan - Full Survey Results

Strategic Plan - PEQ Committee Meeting Presentation

Ontario County Local Solid Waste Management Plan

Local Solid Waste Management Plan

2017 Residential Recycling Survey

In the spring of 2017 Ontario County disseminated a recycling survey to all County residents. Developed in collaboration with Causewave Community Partners the County hoped to learn if residents recycle or not. And if not, why.The County received 867 completed surveys, here are the results: Ontario County-Causewave 2017 Residential Survey ResultsDigital Version